Borewells In Gachibowli

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Borewells In Gachibowli

Sapthagiri Borewells – a leading bore well drilling company in Gachibowli, was started with the core goal of providing water scarcity solutions to people. With the effectual guidance of  our professional geologists and engineers in bore well drilling, have achieved best source of water for almost 1000+ customers, gaining customer satisfaction and appreciation.


Our Work

Our company is running by well experienced people.  Sapthagiri Borewells is in drilling business in Gachibowli,  it has completed thousands of borewells for domestic, industrial and agriculture requirements in and around Hyderabad. Now we are having latest drilling machines with atlas copco 1350 & IR 330(Ingersoll Rand) Compressors, which are capable to drill upto 2200 Rft depth in any type of ground strata. Actually,  Borewell drilling is depending on the ground state and some times we need to drill upto 2000 feet depth to get the water. Therefore, Most of the areas in twin cities are in need of higher depth Borewells to get good quality of drinking water.  Borewell drilling contractor in Hyderabad, Gachibowli, Telangana.  Identically, Cost-effective borewell drilling with no hidden charges.

Methods Of Borewells Drilling In Hyderabad such as:


Angular Drilling:
The working operation of this angular drilling machine is initially started from the
universal motor through A.C. Power source. In this case, there is one power source received from the power supply. After that the indexing mechanism is controlled, to fix the desired angle. A lock nut is attached to the indexing plate to avoid and deviation of angle.



Calyx Drilling:
Calyx drilling Method of core drilling performed by the rotation of a steel cylinder.  Cutting with chilled shot, about 2.4 mm diameter, which cuts a formation core. In this case, Circulating water carries the cuttings up to a basket-like space at the top of the core barrel. The core is wedged into the barrel and pulled up one barrel-length at a time. Shafts up to 2 m diameter can be drilled, and holes to a depth of more than 300 m.




Rotary Drilling:
Rotary drilling is mostly used to drill big holes in large quarries, open pit mines, petroleum extraction, and other fields.  The rotary cutting can be also used to drill small boreholes in soft rocks.  For example, rotary drilling is often used to drill small holes down to 25 mm in diameter to install bolts in coal mines.  Moreover, The rotary crushing is used in medium to hard rocks, and the rotary cutting in soft rocks.

Borewells In Gachibowli Customized Services

We also offer customizes services to our clients thereby meeting their exact needs of tube well drilling and rain water harvesting as per their unique specifications and requirements. We assure to deliver customized service in compliance to customers needs in following ways:

  • Comprehensively analyze varied factors like size of plant, environment and time period etc.
  • Formulate/ suggest products specifically meant for that particular customer.
  • Maintain a close proximity with the client’s team in order to assure complete clients satisfaction



SAPTHAGIRI BOREWELLS Hyderabad Gachibowli with expertise in Well Drilling Service, Bore Well Service including consultation, including Tube Well Drilling Service, Groundwater Investigation and Exploitation Service and Drilling in Coal & Gold Mines. Skilled manpower to offer outstanding services in the field.

  • Ethics – Firstly, We Uncompromising on business values.  Like quality of work, reliability of service, equity at treatment and regard to customers satisfaction.
  • Superiority – Implementation of high-end technologies with aforementioned ethics has gained us superiority in lasting success.
  • Fair Return – We respect the customer demands and it has generated valuable feedback and return business.
  • Mutual Respect – We work unison with customers from diverse geographical locations, cultural and political background which has accounted for mutual respect.
  • Sustainability – Sustainability at service to varied customers around the globe. Moreover,  Actions for the long- term satisfaction with right work culture.


Our services are highly appreciated and have wide demand in the industry for its features like durability, reliability, robustness etc. Moreover, We are keen on updating our knowledge and industrial standards as per the latest advancement in the industry that enables us to increase the efficiency of our services. Especially, Our team is well-versed with advanced techniques in the industry. Our professionals offer services in various specifications according to the client’s requirement.

Identically, People will be extremely pleased to work with SAPTHAGIRI BOREWELLS in Gachibowli. We will create possibilities to get the outstanding employees. And also we will compensate success. The public will respect us as accountable and sensitive provider. We will include international and local viewpoints, enhance sound control of sources, and give rise to a better total well being.

Last But not least, We understand the value of customers’ precious time.  We endeavor to deliver all services within the specified time frame.

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